our company values


  • Assurance

    We give full and continuous support, before, during and after our job is done.

  • Satisfaction

    On both ends. There is no trust and partnership without this.

  • Ideal

    Nonstop improvement of our services, solutions, software and products.

  • Adequacy

    Everything must be fully customized, according to the customers’ necessities.

  • Lucrativeness

    There is simply no purpose without it, and TECSCO makes a point to achieve this.

  • Interest

    Learning. Knowing. Giving. Earning.

  • Vision

    Keeping the business goals in mind to ensure our solution will give the best advantages with quality always in mind

  • Experience

    With now 7 years in the industry, you have the assurance to get our employees’ expertise on cross platform technologies.

  • Teamwork

    Moving forward to the same and unique goal: absolute quality.

  • Edge

    Unique products, coupled with permanent follow-up, constant updates and endless business possibilities and systems.

  • Cost-efficiency:

    A unique partner thanks to our own party solutions permits fast solutions and products integration at low costs with no effect on the quality.

  • Humbling

    Enough said.


Performance, integrity, involvement, team spirit and fun are our motto. Encouraging these values, our partners are guaranteed to get the best services, value-added, products and solutions by our professional team. TECSCO delivers directly to you the turnkey edge you need in the iGaming industry.

  • Value-Added

    Committed to offer value-added services for the benefits and success of our clients.

  • Edge

    Excellent platform, exclusive products and games, complete follow-up and constant updates allow for endless business possibilities.

  • Cost-efficiency

    A unique partner for fast software integration at low costs.